Dried Mushrooms
– full of aroma and nutrients

Dried mushrooms are a real treat and also contain a wealth of nutrients. They refine a range of dishes and are easy to process. Almost all edible mushrooms can be dried.

The most popular varieties include black fungus, chanterelles, morels, porcini, slippery jack, truffles and shiitake. And mixed mushrooms are also available. Be inspired by the rich assortment of organic mushrooms.



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What are dried mushrooms?

Dried mushrooms are dried edible mushrooms that contain a maximum of 12% water. Larger mushrooms like porcini or mushroom are usually dried in slices, while smaller varieties like morels or shiitake are often dried whole. Your mushrooms, are cultivated by our strategic partners or collected wild.


You have a high level of product safety because your dried mushrooms are cleaned and refined in Germany by an FSSC-certified company using state-of-the-art equipment and can rely on a controlled supply chain.

Flavors and nutritional values

Dried mushrooms are true nutrient and aroma packages. The Black Fungus, also known as Mu Err mushroom, has a relatively neutral, earthy taste and is characterized by a high content of iron, potassium, magnesium, vitamin B1, phosphorus and beta-carotene. The chanterelle, one of the most popular mushrooms, is low in calories and at the same time full of minerals and fiber. The morel is a noble mushroom characterized by a distinctive taste and high protein content. The porcini mushroom, on the other hand, with its nutty-butty taste, is rich in vitamin B5 and folic acid. Mushrooms, probably the best known mushrooms, contain a lot of vitamin B2, B3 and B5 and minerals. Butter mushrooms are also rich in vitamin B5. The noble truffle is another source of B5 and is also particularly rich in biotin. And the popular shiitake mushroom contains a lot of vitamin B and D. Due to their high content of protein, B vitamins and minerals, many types of mushrooms are especially suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Dried mushrooms refine many recipes

The large selection of dried mushroom varieties offers a rich spectrum of flavors that can be added to your recipes. From porcini mushroom risotto, Asian shiitaki curry, truffle pizza and morel pan to chanterelle soup – dried mushrooms not only give your dishes a very special aroma, but also a real nutritional kick.

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