Tobien Trading

After 15 years of experience in the raw material industry I made my dream come true with setting up my own company for raw material trading. This store of knowledge I was able to build during my times at the two midsized production and trading companies Moguntia Food Group and Pacovis AG. With this knowledge in raw material trading and market overview I am excited to supply the cosmetic industry, food industry, feed industry and pet-food industry.

With experience in over 1’400 raw materials, I was able to build up a great product knowledge and an excellent producer network. Get to know the individual stumbling blocks in the supply chain and ensure that they no longer reoccur!

My career and CV in commodities trading can be viewed in detail in Linkedin.

33 Good reasons to be a customer of Tobien Trading

1. Experience

Access more than 15 years of experience in the resource sector.

2. My Values (Courage, Optimism, Enthusiasm, Joy, Honesty, Recognition)

You can fully rely on our values.

3. Procurement Experience (centralized purchasing)

You can rely on our existing knowledge of larger and smaller structures.

4. Partnership

You can rely on our partnership approach.

5. Reliability

Rely on the right delivery of the right raw materials.

6. Service Concept

Your requirements for the service, be it specific pallets, packaging specifications, etc., will be met accordingly.

7. Expertise

With knowledge of more than 1’400 raw materials, such as raw spices, vegetables, herbs, technological raw materials, flavors, plant extracts, oils and many more you will build on a broad foundation.

8. Speed

You get the necessary information fast and quickly

9. Flexibility

To meet your customer needs, you can count on our flexibility

10. Process-oriented

You will receive a process that is tailored to your needs

11. Worldwide Supplier Network

You have access to a worldwide network of partners and producers

12. Origin Awareness

Be on the safe side through audits of production in the countries of origin (India, Egypt, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Turkey and many European countries)

13. Levels

You can access different qualities depending on your application.

14. Specification

You will receive a complete specification and, if necessary, the parameters will be adapted to your requirements, as agreed and feasible

15. Small and large quantities

Do you have a partner on the side, which supports you regardless of the quantities?

16. Contract Management

Depending on your needs, you can conclude contracts with longer maturities

17. Supply Chain

Rest assured that the supply chain for your supply is secure

18. Customer Awareness

As a customer, you focus on your needs.

19. Container handling

You have access to professional container handling for shipping from the source

20. Logistics Partners

With the competent and experienced partners in logistics for the food and cosmetics sector, reliable delivery is guaranteed

21. Customs and Import Knowledge

Depending on the raw material, the most diverse requirements for importing raw materials must be observed. Here you do not need to worry

22. Crop Cycles

You will benefit from access to the knowledge of the different harvest cycles per raw material and cultivated land

23. Certifications

According to your requirements, the raw materials are delivered to you with the corresponding required certifications, such as Halal, Kosher, V-Log, OGT, Gluten-free, Bio, Biosuisse etc.

24. Analysis

In parallel to the deliveries you will receive the corresponding analyses and save costs and time.

25. Market Trends

Rely on the information on the individual commodity trends so that you are optimally positioned both internally and vis-à-vis the customer

26. Regulations

You receive the necessary documents to fulfill all regulatory requirements

27. Production Processes

For every raw material you can access production knowledge

28. Packaging Knowledge

Your raw materials are packed according to the legal regulations in force

29. Original Minds

You can deal with the most diverse mentalities from a variety of countries of origin

30. Transparent

As a customer, the transparency that you receive from an independent dealer is important to you

31. Lean Organisation

As a customer, you need the right contact and information quickly and reliably

32. Social responsibility

We recognize importance to a fair and correct treatment of people. Therefore, our suppliers and producers confirm us to behave according to the BSCI Codex.

33. Sustainability

In order to maintain long-term supply chain and cooperation, we want to ensure sustainable production. Therefore, we commit our suppliers and producers to reduce the environmental impact.


33 Good Reasons for Tobien-Trading