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Freeze drying is also known as lyophilization. In this process, the ice crystals pass directly from the solid to the gaseous state. This state is achieved with the aid of low temperatures and a vacuum. Within several hours, the water extracted from the fruit escapes as steam. Freeze-dried food is best known from the aerospace industry, where “freeze-dried”freeze-dried food” is part of the everyday menu of astronauts. Freeze drying is used primarily for fruit: The fruit retains its nutrients and also has a longer shelf life.

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Where can organic freeze-dried fruits be used?

Since organic freeze-dried fruits taste extremely delicious, they can be eaten in between meals. However, they are most often used in the production of baked goods or desserts. The classic is still the breakfast cereal with freeze-dried strawberries or raspberries, which give milk or yogurt a wonderful pink color. Since no nutrients are removed from the fruit during the freeze-drying process, it is just as healthy as fresh fruit. Their wide range of uses, as well as their uncomplicated storage and long shelf life, make freeze-dried fruit a very popular ingredient in the kitchen.

Freeze-dried fruits for desserts, smoothies, or snacking

In the past, freeze-dried fruit was considered a practical product to take with you, especially on trips, hikes, or – as already mentioned – into space. Later, manufacturers Later, manufacturers came up with the idea of adding slices and pieces of freeze-dried fruit to muesli mixes. Since freeze-dried fruit has a particularly intense flavor and intense coloring, it is both tasty and visually appealing. Freeze drying is a very gentle process, which keeps all the nutrients intact. No additives are added to the fruit either.

FD Organic fruit powder for smoothies

Smoothies are healthy and also very trendy. All you need to do is put a few ingredients in a blender – and you have a delicious drink that can even replace a meal every now and then. FD fruit powder consists of ground freeze-dried fruits and is perfectly suitable for smoothies or as a fruity additive in yogurt and milk. With us, you can buy high-quality freeze-dried berries and fruits from freeze-dried Aronia to freeze-dried dragon fruit powder and sour cherry freeze-dried. Try something new and add a delicious fruity touch to your desserts and smoothies. Depending on your demand we supply also organic freeze-dried fruits to you. Freeze-dried fruit is versatile and is obtained by a special process. In the process, all the nutrients remain in the product in an unaltered state. You can use the freeze-dried fruit as a snack or add it to desserts and smoothies.

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