Dried Morel Mushrooms

The Morels (Morchella Exculenta) come in many colours including black, grey, yellow, white and can vary in size as well. Morel mushrooms are mainly recognized by its unique honeycomb-like structure. Their subtle earthy or nutty flavour is appreciated in the French and many other culinary scenes worldwide for sauces, risottos, in combination with other sautéed vegetables or as ingredient for soups.

The texture of Morel mushrooms feels more meat-like and sets them apart from other mushrooms. Morels contain protein, fibre as well as antioxidants and are a great source for plant-based Vitamin D.

Despite a difficult cultivation, wild Morels are commercially harvested in the temperate areas of the Northern Hemisphere like Northern America, China, India for example.

After drying, they can be stored safely for a long time, ground into powder and used as a seasoning.

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