Vanilla is a spice obtained from Vanilla beans of the Orchid Vanilla planifolia (one of three major species).  What we mostly call Vanilla “bean” is rather a pod-shaped fruit and the only edible fruit of the orchid family.

Due to a very labor-intense cultivation and harvest of the vanilla seed pods, it comes as no surprise that Vanilla is the second-most expensive spice after Saffron.

Vanilla planifolia (commonly known as Bourbon Vanilla or Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla) is grown in Madagascar, the Comoros, La Réunion (formerly known as Île Bourbon) and in certain regions along the Indian Ocean like India and Indonesia. Madagascar`s and Indonesia`s cultivations provide most of the world`s supply.

The use of Vanilla is more than just for tasty vanilla ice-cream and domestic baking. It is used in the food industry for dairy, bakery products and beverages, perfume production and even aromatherapy. Vanilla is also a welcome flavor enhancer. If you add it to tomato-based foods, it can bring out their natural sweetness and therefore it is an alternative to sugar. The benefits of Vanilla go even further as it is also used in flavoring medicine or to conceal the strong smell of paint and cleaning products.

At Tobien Trading we offer Vanilla from different origins like Bourbon, Indonesia, Mexico, PNG and Sri Lanka. As Vanilla beans (whole or in different cuts), in powder or extract, as well as products in conventional, organic or with different Fair-Trade certificates.