For your long-term and secure supply of raw materials, the foundation is ensured with supplier audits and on-site visits. Diverse and recurring supplier audits in India, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Turkey, Egypt and Europe have contributed to knowledge building. Through regular visits, the further development and adherence to the agreed quality standards, safety standards and sustainability can be checked.

In order to ensure your requirements and compliance with the raw material quality, the food raw materials, cosmetic raw materials as well as the certified biological raw materials are checked and analyzed by external accredited laboratories.

You have access to extensive documentation and professional handling of the individual raw materials and their delivery. If necessary, your customers or their quality assurance can resort to further required documents, documents or confirmations.
You can fully rely on compliance with normal procedures due to the Bio and Bio Suisse certifications and r√©servsuisse’s import license.

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Even the logistics partners have been selected and commissioned according to the corresponding quality criteria and certifications. This ensures that every single step in the supply chain is carried out according to the necessary quality criteria.


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