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Tomato powder: Brings the full taste of the south to every dish

Tomatoes give many dishes their character, which is precisely why they are “unbeatable” for young and old. If the tomatoes used bring in a full, aromatic taste … to which, unfortunately, the produce grown north of the Alps only rarely comes. With tomato powder, these dishes also take on their full form – you should therefore definitely treat your customers to this simple little extra spice.


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In many classic Mediterranean dishes and preparations whose origins lie even further south, tomatoes are one of the main taste-determining ingredients. In the countries of origin of these dishes, tomatoes are used for this purpose, which were able to ripen fully in long, sunny summers and develop an incomparably mild taste. With organic tomato powder made from just such fully ripe tomatoes, you can conjure up the full taste in dishes in no time.

Organic Tomato Powder made from sun-kissed tomatoes:

Full taste with low acidity

The full taste of tomatoes can only develop if the fruits can ripen fully in long summers with lots of sun: Only then is a high acidity in the fruit transformed into a fine, ripe combination of mildly sweet and fruity accents.

Our tomato powder is made entirely from fully ripe tomatoes or organic tomatoes, which are gently spray dried after harvesting. In this cold break process, all the water is very quickly removed from the tomato while preserving the high-quality ingredients. What remains is the full, pure, sweet tomato aroma, with an acidity of only 8% – plus a deep red color and a tomato scent that many chefs know from their childhood at best.

At this telephone number you can still order this ingenious in bulk, naturally pure seasoning additive today, which enriches each of your dishes with the full taste of the South in no time at all.


Only fully ripe tomatoes, which are pampered by the sun during cultivation, can develop the full, mild aroma that the real Mediterranean etc. have. tomato specialties. Such fully ripe tomatoes only grow in warm southern climates, but today, taste and aroma can be transported wonderfully “northwards” using gently spray-dried, easily applicable tomato powder.

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