Organic Protein Texturates

A special kind of meat substitute

It is far more than just a trend: More and more consumers are questioning the consumption of meat because of the sometimes devastating effects on so-called farm animals, the environment and last but not least on health. This highly significant development is accompanied by a rapidly increasing demand for meat substitutes. Bio Protein Texturates play a central role in this context. Bio Texturates offer many advantages and are considerably more sustainable than conventional meat products.

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High quality protein textures – that’s what makes them so special

Vegan meat replacement tastes excellent, is cholesterol-free and usually provides significantly less fat and calories than products from conventional meat.

Vegan BIO meat substitute is besides rich in proteins and versatile applicable. The probably best known and oldest organic meat substitute is tofu. Already thousands of years ago, soybeans were used to make meat-like products. Soy meat is also known under the name “textured soy”. Vegan meat substitute of this kind tastes extremely good and is the ideal basis for all those who love the taste of meat but want to do without conventional meat.

Whether vegetable Gyros, Veggie-Bolo, vegane Nuggets or Sojaschnitzel – hardly any limits are set to creativity in the preparation of tasty, healthy delicacies.

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Bio Protein Bites

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Bio Protein Granulat

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Bio Protein Mince

Vegetarian organic meat substitute in exquisite quality

Structured pea protein is another highlight when vegan organic meat replacement is required.

The outstanding amino acid profile and the high content of glutamine and lysine makes this organic meat substitute so significant. In general, it is a tasty alternative to the popular soy protein. All in all, the numerous nutritional benefits speak for themselves, and the many functional properties for innovative food systems also play a very important role.

Bio Texturate is ideal for minced meat and poultry products as well as for vegan and vegetarian applications where a firm texture is desired. The rapid absorption of liquid in water will additionally inspire your customers.

Today, tasty meat substitutes are an essential part of a modern diet. Health- and quality-conscious consumers are increasingly turning to appropriate solutions. Vegetarian organic meat substitute from our product portfolio is characterized by its outstanding quality at an attractive price.

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